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The Hindu Counterrevolution : The Violent Recreation of an Imagined (...)

Walden Bello 10/10/18

Walden Bello traces the rise of the present-day Hindu nationalist movement from its marginal origins at the time of Indian independence to its formidable present domination of the political landscape. The author traces the roots and roles of (...)

Rodrigo Duterte : A Fascist Original

Walden Bello 09/02/17

Despite his bloody reign, Duterte remains popular, with the latest domestic poll giving him a trust rating of “excellent.” What makes Duterte tick ? What drives many of his admirers to exclaim that they’re ready to die for him ? In 2016, (...)

Brazil : Can the Workers’ Party Surmount Its Current Crisis ?

Cecilia Lero, Walden Bello 05/11/15

The complex history and prospects of Brazil’s workers party (PT) The 13-year-reign of the Workers’ Party (PT) in Brazil hangs by a thread. More accurately, it hangs on 342 members of the lower legislative house, the number of votes needed to (...)

What the World Cup Can Teach Progressives About Corruption

Walden Bello 24/07/14

Brazil’s crushing World Cup loss to Germany’s world champion team wasn’t just bad news for Brazilian football fans. It’s also likely to reignite the anger that many Brazilians felt towards the government of President Dilma Rousseff for hosting such (...)

Thailand’s Edsa 2 : from civil conflict to uncivil war ?

Walden Bello 03/02/14

There are occasional references to the Edsa Uprising, with one speaker saying, “The Filipinos did it in nine days. We can do it, too.” The event to which he was comparing the Bangkok mass protests was the original Edsa Revolution that toppled (...)

The Challenge to Asia’s Social Movements

Walden Bello 23/09/13

Speech at meeting of international social movements, Hotel Trang, Bangkok, August 31, 2012. This July was the hottest July in the United States ever since they started keeping records. In India, the monsoon rains are long delayed, resulting in (...)

Philippines : Waterloo for agrarian reform ?

Walden Bello 20/09/13

The Philippines still has a chance of meeting the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) of halving the proportion of people living in poverty by 50 per cent from 1990 levels if it resolutely carries out the right policies, National Economic (...)

The Arab Revolutions and the Democratic Imagination

Walden Bello 18/03/11

The revolutionary democrats of the Arab world have an opportunity to bring about the next stage in the global democratic revolution. The Arab democratic uprisings have brought a rush of nostalgia to many people who staged their own democratic (...)

Une explosion de colère sociale se prépare

Walden Bello 14/06/10

A mesure que des marchandises s’entassent sur les quais de Bangkok à Shanghai, et qu’un nombre record de travailleurs est licencié, les populations d’Asie du Sud-est commencent à se rendre compte qu’elles sont en train de vivre non seulement un déclin (...)

Climate and Capitalism in Copenhagen

Walden Bello 23/12/09

Beginning in the second week of December, representatives to the United Nations Climate Conference in Copenhagen will wrestle with the challenge of climate change. This week, influential actors in the World Trade Organization Seventh Ministerial (...)

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