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Support us

CETRI is a non-profit organisation recognised as a non-governmental organisation (NGO) for continuing education.

It is accredited by the Secretariat of International Cooperation of the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Finances.
Therefore CETRI receives subsidies from the General Directorate of Development Cooperation (DGD) for part of its activities.
It also receives support from theWallon Region, the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and the Province of Brabant Wallon as an organisation for continuing education.

For specific studies or tasks CETRI also receives limited support of other public institutions, NGOs or foundations.

CETRI is authorised to receive private donations (in Belgium tax deductible from 40€ per calendar year) and bequests (reduction of inheritance taxes).

BE16 0680 6023 2074

Please contact us for more information.