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How to understand Thailand’s conflict

Apivat Hanvongse 06/01/14

Thailand’s political conflict has become intractable, dragging on for at least seven years with no end in sight. Analysts employ different frameworks to explain what drives the conflict. This is based on how they approach the situation, what (...)

Powerful forces revealed behind Thai protest movement

Amy Sawitta Lefevre, Jason Szep 19/12/13

BANGKOK (Reuters) - His whistle-tooting crowds of supporters are dwindling. His threats against Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra veer from the bold to the bizarre. But behind Thailand’s fiery anti-government protest leader, Suthep (...)

Thailand : Thaksin’s Enduring Appeal


How did Thailand’s progressive middle class end up calling for an end to democracy ? It would be hard to imagine another country anywhere that would see thousands of well-educated and seemingly middle-class people march to the streets demanding (...)

Thailand : Defending the Monarchy

Pavin Chachavalpongun 22/08/13

The Thai Foreign Ministry has recently shifted its orientation from promoting good relations with foreign countries to defending the monarchy at all cost. Since the military coup of 2006 that removed the elected government of Thaksin Shinawatra, (...)

Le mythe d’une démocratie kaki

Ian Buruma 14/08/13

L’Égypte et la Thaïlande ont peu de choses en commun, excepté dans un domaine. Dans ces deux pays, à différentes époques, les gens instruits qui se targuent d’être des démocrates ont fini par se féliciter des coups militaires contre leurs gouvernements (...)

Thailand : White masks, red masks and royalist communists

Nick Nostitz 18/06/13

In the recent weeks the activities of several anti-government groups have come to media attention : the most noticeable is the Internet based “Thai Spring” group founded by well known Thaksin opponents Kaewsan Atibodhi and Police General Vasit (...)

The Search for a Solution in Thailand’s Deep South

Murray Hunter 06/06/13

It isn’t in either the current negotiations or in the military With negotiations apparently stalled between the Thai Government and Barisan Revolusi Patani (BRN), one of the Muslim rebel groups operating in Thailand’s deep south, one must start (...)

Thailand : The people rise again ?

Aim Sinpeng 23/05/13

They’re back on the streets again…this time holding “green” flags and “fists” as their symbol. The reborn sections of the Assembly of the Poor and former Yellow Shirts have learned expensive lessons from their share in the color-coded conflict : never (...)

The state of democracy in Southeast Asia

Chayut Setboonsarng 28/06/12

The great philosophical question about the elements of a perfect democracy and their relation to capitalism remains unsettled, and is likely to remain thus. Yet the recent history of Malaysia, Myanmar and Thailand calls for a more practical (...)

La lèse-majesté, arme d’une chasse aux sorcières

Alexandre Marchand 28/03/12

En cette fin de règne du roi Rama IX, l’élite de Bangkok se crispe et recourt à la loi sur la lèse-majesté pour essayer de préserver le statu quo. Tapi entre des montagnes de livres dans un bureau exigü de l’université Thammasat où la lumière du jour (...)

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