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Duterte 2 Years on : Destructive, Divisive, and Despotic


When Rodrigo Duterte won the presidency in 2016, some even among the left toyed early on with the idea that a “maverick” president could just be what the country needed to stir things up, and jolt us from almost 30 years of elite-dominated rule. (...)

Abandon de souveraineté aux Philippines : accords de libre-échange et (...)

Cecilia Olivet , Farah Sevilla, Jaybee Garganera, Joseph Purugganan 18/09/17

La capacité des Philippines à réglementer ou à fermer des mines est conditionnée par une série de traités d’investissements, dont l’accord de libre-échange avec l’Union européenne et le Partenariat économique régional global (RCEP). Ceux-ci constituent une (...)

Unpacking Dutertism : What to Make of President Duterte’s Year One


Dutertism. Dutertismo. The suffix ‘ism’ according to the dictionary may refer to a “distinctive practice, doctrine, theory,” and/or ideology. Does attaching an ‘ism’ therefore to the president’s name imply that he carries with him a unique brand of (...)

Marawi and beyond : a look at violent extremism

Steven Rood 10/07/17

Given the continued chatter on social media about the tragic attack by a gunman at Resorts World Casino on 2 June, it is worthwhile to begin this piece by debunking the notion that it might be connected to Islamic State. Granted, ISIS tried to (...)

Luster Starts to Wear off Philippines’ Duterte


Deja Marcos ? Martial law could be a start The declaration of martial law on May 23 by Filipino President Rodrigo R. Duterte, while only for 60 days and on the southernmost island of Mindanao, has begun to crystalize growing doubts about (...)

« Dépaysannisation » de la pêche philippine au service du marché mondial

Maria Cecilia Ferolin , Wilma A. Dunaway 16/03/17

Aux Philippines, les politiques de développement entraînent un épuisement des ressources halieutiques et écologiques, dont la responsabilité est imputée aux paysans-pêcheurs. Cette construction idéologique permet de légitimer une « dépaysannisation » de (...)

Food sovereignty : a feminist struggle ? The case of Mindanao, Philippines

Aurélie Leroy 02/03/17

The starting point of this study is a paradox : among social, institutional and political actors, peasant and family farming are gradually becoming established as legitimate and credible alternatives to an agro-productivist model that has ’run (...)

Rodrigo Duterte : A Fascist Original

Walden Bello 09/02/17

Despite his bloody reign, Duterte remains popular, with the latest domestic poll giving him a trust rating of “excellent.” What makes Duterte tick ? What drives many of his admirers to exclaim that they’re ready to die for him ? In 2016, (...)

Philippines : la trajectoire de la violence

Sophie Boisseau du Rocher 30/01/17

Le dramatique chiffre de 6 000 victimes depuis l’arrivée du président Duterte au pouvoir aux Philippines le 30 juin 2016 laisse pantois. Sans procès ni aucune forme légale, cette violence – encouragée et cautionnée par le président – explose. On (...)

Is the Philippines Tiring of Duterte ?

Criselda Yabes 14/12/16

President buries a history of forces that represented the triumph of democracy The stage, one cloudy afternoon at the military headquarters at Camp Aguinaldo in Quezon City, gave a picture of Philippine politics as it stands. There was (...)

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