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Titre Inside Indonesia
Langue anglais
Pays, continent Indonésie, Asie
Editeur Edward Aspinall, Indonésie
Périodicité trimestrielle
Editions électronique
Site web http://www.insideindonesia.org/


Another fork in the road for democracy ?

Dave McRae, Dirk Tomsa 02/04/19

Five years ago, many saw the electoral contest between Joko Widodo and Prabowo Subianto as a battle between good and evil. In April 2019, the two men face-off again for the presidency. This time it seems more like a case of the lesser of two (...)

Indonesia : No ‘magic bullet’

Vannessa Hearman 19/02/16

It has been a strange year for human rights under the Joko Widodo, or Jokowi, administration. Human rights activists were among those who invested a great deal of energy in Jokowi’s election campaign. They volunteered individually, as well as (...)

Indonesia : Empowering migrant workers ?

Benny Hari Juliawan 07/01/15

Former migrant workers are finding new empowerment in the bureaucratic jungle of legal aid Like many rural teenagers, Bariyah, the daughter of peasant parents, did not have many options when she finished secondary school in Kebumen District, (...)

Indonesia : Balancing business

Michele Ford, Teri Caraway 22/08/14

Indonesia’s unions are engaging in electoral politics in unprecedented ways in an attempt to balance the influence of business The presidential elections this time around are a big deal not only for business. They are also a big deal for (...)

Indonesia’s new anarchists

Dominic Berger 30/12/13

Insurrectionary anarchists, with international connections, nihilist values and a penchant for arson, are moving to fill the vacuum on the left par Dominic Berger On the night of 22 March 2011, bricks smashed the windows of a McDonald’s branch (...)

Feeding Indonesia

Eve Warburton , Thushara Dibley 17/12/13

Food security is an urgent policy problem in Indonesia but opinions are divided about how best to feed the poorest and most vulnerable Indonesia is a country with a rapidly expanding middle class and a growing economy. Its neighbours are taking (...)

Indonesia : Campaigning for agrarian reform

Eve Warburton , Rahmat Ajiguna 06/12/13

Rahmat Ajiguna talks to Eve Warburton about the need to make farmers the centre of food security in Indonesia. Rahmat Ajiguna is secretary general of Alliance for Agrarian Reform (AGRA). This organisation represents farmers from across (...)

Indonesia : Living without a state

Bobby Anderson 13/12/12

People in rural Papua are more interested in basic services than grand political struggles Indonesian Papua is not a uniform entity. When outsiders think of Papua, they imagine provincial and national-level political conflicts and protests (...)

They are just Papuans

Budi Hernawan 05/09/12

The statement by President Yudhoyono that recent violent incidents in Papua are ‘small-scale incidents compared to those in the Middle East’ (Jakarta Post, 12 June 2012) is worrying. The worry is not only that, by comparing Papuans and people in (...)

Still an age of activism

Edward Aspinall 15/02/12

In Indonesia, it sometimes seems that the left is everywhere yet nowhere. Though one rarely hears the word socialism these days (it was sometimes used even by officials during the Suharto period), words that in other countries connote radical or (...)

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