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Jokowi’s authoritarian turn

Tom Power 16/10/18

Several insightful analyses of Joko Widodo’s approach to the presidency have been advanced since he took office. For the most part, these have focused on his overriding preoccupation with domestic economic development, and his lack of a clear (...)

Ubérisation : des conséquences ambiguës pour le Sud

Cédric Leterme 04/07/18

On conçoit souvent, à raison, « l’ubérisation » du travail comme une forme de régression par rapport à l’emploi salarié classique. Mais dans les pays où celui-ci n’a jamais constitué la norme, ses conséquences peuvent se révéler plus ambiguës. C’est du moins (...)

Who is in control of Indonesia ?

Abdil Mughis Mudhoffir 04/09/17

Civilian militias and other societal groups that can exercise violence with legitimacy are proliferating throughout Indonesia. So far two dominant perspectives have been used to explain this phenomenon. The first argues that vigilantism and (...)

Secousses islamistes en Indonésie

Marie Beyer, Martine Bulard 29/05/17

Djakarta, 9 mai 2017. « Coupable de blasphème ». Le gouverneur de Djakarta, M. Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, couramment appelé Ahok, a été condamné à deux ans de prison ferme pour ce délit, bien inscrit à la Constitution mais très contesté au sein d’une (...)

Jakarta : inequality and the poverty of elite pluralism

Ian Wilson 26/04/17

Judging from national and international headlines, Jakarta’s gubernatorial election on 19 April represents not just a major turning point for the nation’s capital and city of 12 million, but potentially for the entire country. The alarmist tone is (...)

Indonesia and ‘transparent sex’

Hendri Yulius 20/01/17

Conservative attacks on homosexuality and LGBT in Indonesia have branched out into a broader assault on feminism and the intrusion of the state into previously private spheres of life, Hendri Yulius writes. In the last year there have been (...)

Has Jokowi handed a strategic victory to radicals ?

Muhammad A.S. Hikam 08/12/16

By appearing at Friday’s anti-Ahok rally, Jokowi has gained momentary political advantage at the expense of legitimising the political role of extremists, A.S. Hikam writes. The so-called ‘super damai’—or ‘super peaceful’—demonstration at Jakarta’s (...)

Indonesia : the perils of a protest

Dwi Kiswanto 21/11/16

In the aftermath of Jakarta’s 4 November anti-Ahok demonstration, Dwi Kwiswanto outlines what Indonesian political actors can learn. And if lessons go unheeded, the consequences are real and severe, he warns. Two Fridays ago, a massive (...)

Indonesia : No ‘magic bullet’

Vannessa Hearman 19/02/16

It has been a strange year for human rights under the Joko Widodo, or Jokowi, administration. Human rights activists were among those who invested a great deal of energy in Jokowi’s election campaign. They volunteered individually, as well as (...)

Indonésie : des organisations de femmes laïques et musulmanes en butte au (...)

Monika Arnez 09/12/15

En dépit de la longue histoire du mouvement des femmes, les droits des Indonésiennes sont encore largement ignorés. Les militantes pour les droits des femmes luttent, aujourd’hui comme hier, contre la polygamie, mais aussi contre l’exploitation et (...)

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