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Podcast : quitte ou double pour Modi aux élections en Inde

Nicolas Sridi, Patrick de Jacquelot 10/05/19

Le 23 mai prochain seront connus les résultats des élections générales en Inde qui ont débuté le 11 avril. Narendra Modi sera-t-il réélu ? Le Premier ministre indien peut tout perdre. Quel est le bilan social et économique de son premier mandat ? Sur (...)

Greenpeace India may be forced to halve staff, operations amid government (...)

Tushar Dhara 31/01/19

Greenpeace India, the environmental non-governmental organisation, will scale back its operations and staff in the country by nearly 50 percent in the near future. This comes months after the Enforcement Directorate’s decision to freeze its (...)

Trade Unions protest against Modi’s “pro-corporate” and “anti-people” labour (...)

Nileena MS 09/01/19

On 3 January this year, the union cabinet cleared an amendment to the Trade Union Act, 1926, eliciting protests from ten out of 13 of the country’s central trade unions, who termed it “an attempt to retain arbitrary power in their hands in order (...)

Gender Justice : Over 3 million Women Form a ‘Women’s Wall’ Across (...)


The call for the mobilisation was given by 176 progressive organisations and was successfully aided by the LDF government in the state. More than three million women formed an over 600-km long unbroken human chain ‘Vanitha Mathil’ (Women’s Wall) (...)

The changing face of food retail in India

Shalmali Guttal 14/11/18

To date, there is little reliable evidence to back the claims that corporate food retail will enhance food security and employment. Global experience shows that supermarkets tend to restructure food production and markets to cater to expanding (...)

#MeToo Is A Crucial Moment to Revisit the History of Indian Feminism

Srila Roy 09/11/18

In the wake of #MeToo, the time is ripe to revisit the history of Indian feminism, in particular the idea of “waves.” Throughout this history, we see how Indian feminism has emerged as an object of internal contestation, with disputes about issues (...)

The Hindu Counterrevolution : The Violent Recreation of an Imagined (...)

Walden Bello 10/10/18

Walden Bello traces the rise of the present-day Hindu nationalist movement from its marginal origins at the time of Indian independence to its formidable present domination of the political landscape. The author traces the roots and roles of (...)

India : National Register of Citizens and the Supreme Court

Alok Prasanna Kumar 30/07/18

The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016, which has met with fierce resistance in the north-eastern states, especially Assam, is likely to be shelved by the union government and not introduced in this session of Parliament (Bhattacharya 2018). The (...)

Inde : instrumentalisation politique de l’interdiction du « triple talaq (...)

Flavia Agnes 07/06/18

En déposant un projet de loi criminalisant le « triple talaq », le gouvernement indien rompt avec les pratiques consultatives en matière de législation sur des matières communautaires. Visant officiellement à protéger la femme musulmane, cette (...)

Inde : « hindutva », néolibéralisme et crispation nationaliste

Kalim Siddiqui 08/03/18

L’arrivée au sommet de l’État de Narendra Modi et du Parti nationaliste hindou (BJP) s’est traduite par un reflux démocratique et un regain de l’idéologie de l’hindutva, identifiant la nation indienne à son héritage exclusivement hindou. Communautarisme (...)

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