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Myanmar : On the Wrong Side of the Law, but On the Right Side of (...)

Kyaw Zwa Moe 05/09/18

Myanmar’s media community was hit by a powerful blow this morning. Its professionals feel sad, disappointed and under siege. Today’s events have also damaged the image of the country and the integrity of the government. On Monday morning, two (...)

Assessing the Rohingya crisis

Nicholas Farrelly 18/06/18

When Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy (NLD) triumphed at Myanmar’s 2015 general election she was riding high, supported by millions of hopeful citizens eager for change. Her party swept away its opponents from the former military (...)

What’s Attracting Women to Myanmar’s Buddhist Nationalist Movement (...)

Isabel Marler, Macarena Aguilar 05/02/18

Amid Myanmar’s transition towards democracy, a dangerous Buddhist nationalist movement is on the rise, and women are playing a key role. In the hastily-built displacement camps of Rakhine state, in the western part of Myanmar, where some 129,000 (...)

Myanmar : the darker side of buddhism

Paul Fuller 21/11/17

Sitagu Sayadaw is one of the most respected religious leaders in Myanmar. He is very well known for his teachings and for his philanthropic work. He has considerable influence. It therefore surprised many in his native Myanmar and worldwide when (...)

A better political economy of the Rohingya crisis

Lee Jones 12/10/17

In the last few weeks, over 400,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled a bloody pogrom in Myanmar’s Rakhine state, crossing into Bangladesh. Among the horrified and largely moralistic reactions in the West, some have pointed to economic factors (...)

Rakhine Violence : Unraveling the Context and State Response

Angshuman Choudhury 14/09/17

What led up to the recent spike in violence ? At midnight on August 25, hundreds of assailants launched coordinated attacks on close to 30 security installations, including police stations, border posts, and a military base, in northern (...)

Myanmar : Land is the lifeline of the ethnic people

Khun Kaung, Khun Oo 05/05/17

There are serious concerns that government reforms will further exacerbate land tenure and food insecurity for the majority of the population in Myanmar who rely on their farm fields and forests for their livelihoods. There has been a wave of (...)

Can Myanmar’s garment industry deliver decent jobs ?

Martje Theuws, Pauline Overeem 20/03/17

Myanmar was ruled by a military junta for 50 years. After such a long period of economic isolation, foreign investment is now booming as economic sanctions have been lifted following Myanmar’s first steps towards democracy. The export-oriented (...)

Is The Lady still a champion of rights and democracy ?

David Hutt 02/03/17

The life of a politician is made infinitely easier when, as the saying goes, their actions are judged by their reputation, and not the other way around. Such a phrase is befitting of Myanmar’s de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi, whom the media can (...)

Bay of Bengal : depleted fish stocks and huge dead zone signal tipping (...)

Aaron Savio Lobo, Amitav Ghosh 02/02/17

he Bay of Bengal’s basin contains some of the most populous regions of the earth. No less than a quarter of the world’s population is concentrated in the eight countries that border the bay. Approximately 200 million people live along the Bay of (...)

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