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Old dominance, new dominos in Southeast Asia

Dan Slater 27/02/18

Not since World War II has liberal democracy, and the intergroup tolerance that sustains it, seemed so deeply endangered in so many places at once. For the first time in three quarters of a century, illiberalism and chauvinism have stolen the (...)

Venezuela : bulletins, embrouilles et paradoxes

Marc Saint-Upéry , Pablo Stefanoni 09/11/17

Le résultat des élections régionales au Venezuela a surpris plus d’un observateur, y compris dans les rangs du chavisme. Pour essayer d’y voir plus clair, nous proposons un entretien en profondeur avec un des analystes les plus écoutés de la gauche (...)

Rethinking Southeast Asian civil society

Kevin Hewison 06/11/17

In the mid-1990s, there was a lot of enthusiasm for non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and the expansion of civil society in Southeast Asia. At the time, there was an efflorescence of activism as activists campaigned against trade agreements, (...)

Débats et divisions au sein de l’AKP en Turquie : « la fatigue du métal (...)

Uraz Aydin 20/10/17

Si les forts soupçons de fraude au moment du référendum du 16 avril 2017 n’ont pas retenu l’attention des partisans du Parti de la justice et du développement (AKP), on ne peut en dire autant des résultats. Le projet présidentialiste de Recep Tayyip (...)

La represión como demanda social

José Natanson 10/10/17

Quizás porque resulta más cómodo, atribuimos el “giro punitivista” de las políticas represivas, tanto respecto de la seguridad pública como de la regulación de la protesta social, al oportunismo inescrupuloso de dirigentes proclives a los desbordes (...)

Civil society across Asia is flowering but fragile

Jeff Kingston 05/10/17

The proliferation of civil society organizations (CSOs) throughout Asia is having a significant impact on relations between the state and citizens, on the institutions of the state and on prevailing norms and values. At a recent conference (...)

The long term terminal crisis of the Venezuelan oil rentier model and the (...)

Edgardo Lander 02/10/17

In this talk I will not attempt to deal with even a cursory balance of the Bolivarian process with its very significant national and regional achievements and the many contradictions flaws and limitations that have characterized this attempt at (...)

Unpacking Dutertism : What to Make of President Duterte’s Year One


Dutertism. Dutertismo. The suffix ‘ism’ according to the dictionary may refer to a “distinctive practice, doctrine, theory,” and/or ideology. Does attaching an ‘ism’ therefore to the president’s name imply that he carries with him a unique brand of (...)

Cambodia’s Crumbling Democracy

George Wright 13/09/17

As democracy is dismantled, will Cambodians return to the streets ? When tens of thousands of opposition supporters took to the streets of Phnom Penh shouting “Hun Sen, step down !” in wake of the disputed 2013 general election, it was the (...)

Luster Starts to Wear off Philippines’ Duterte


Deja Marcos ? Martial law could be a start The declaration of martial law on May 23 by Filipino President Rodrigo R. Duterte, while only for 60 days and on the southernmost island of Mindanao, has begun to crystalize growing doubts about (...)

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